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RB157 is a Flexible Jwt. Cloth for rolls & sheets

The versatile new RB157 is a flexible aluminium oxide cloth roll designed for hand polishing, maintenance and general metalworking applications.
The resin bonding provides excellent grit retention, resulting in a consistent surface finish, and the durable high strength J weight cloth readily adapts to contoured surfaces.
The 25 metre rolls are available in 25mm and 50mm widths - in grades ranging from P60 to P320.

Spotlight on Surface Conditioning Material

Naylon SC is a high performance material for machine applications, available in Belts and Discs. It has a tough low stretch polyester backing.

Naylon SC is Available in 3 grades -
Coarse A, Medium A and Fine A.

The grit is suspended in a non woven web, combined with tough resins and cutting aids.
The spring-like action of the web cushions the abrasive to give a much finer finish than a traditional coated abrasive.

Click Here for Naylon Surface conditioning.

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