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Power Tool Abrasives Pre-Pack Range
Naylors Pre-Pack Range is designed to offer the user an industrial quality alternative to the power tool manufacturers own products. It gives the retailer the opportunity to stock a product to fit all makes and pack quantities are geared to fit customer demand.
A range of sizes to fit the most popular makes of portable sander, sheets and discs are available with and without dust extraction holes.
Paper Sheets and Discs for use on wood, plastics, fillers and painted surfaces
Finishing Pads for cleaning, surface preparation and final finishing
Fibre Discs for use on wood, metal and fibreglass
Sanding Belts for use on wood and metal

Products Available

Plain Sheets Hook & Loop Fibre Discs Portable Belts
1/4 sheets
1/3 sheets
1/2 sheets
115 x 230mm sheet
115mm disc
125mm disc
150mm disc
93mm Triangles
with dust holes
100 x 16mm
115 x 22mm
125 x 22mm
all sizes
For full details download our
Power Tool Abrasives Pre-Pack Range brochure.

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